Eine Studierende erklärt einem anderen Studierenden einen Versuch. Dieser macht sich Notizen.

IntoPROGRAM Project: Information Management / Health Information Management

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover aims to make its degree programs more accessible for international students. Accordingly the following Bachelor programs will have transition semesters with additional courses held in English:

– Information Management, Bachelor of Arts (bilingual)
– Health Information Management, Bachelor of Science (bilingual)

Starting in 2020, the university offers an entry phase to these two Bachelor programs in English. Students are required to have very basic German knowledge, equivalent to A1 level (if not available, please contact us). During the first semesters, selected information management courses are held in English. Students need to attend any (fee-based) German course in Hannover up to the level C1 / TestDAF. The TestDAF certificate is sufficient to meet German language requirements at any German university.

Applications for the bilingual program are accepted at any time. If you are interested, please send your CV to info(at)intoprogram.de.

Afterwards, we’ll suggest an individual learning path to the Bachelor programs mentioned above.

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