[Translate to English:] 3D Druck in der Hochschule Hannover

Rapid prototyping / CNC / laser

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Consultation room
Expo Plaza 2 // room 2A.0.34

Rapid prototyping
Expo Plaza 2 Sandpit // room 2A.0.34
Expo Plaza 2 // room 2A.-1.10

About the workshop

The rapid prototyping workshop and the laser cutter can be used by any student without special knowledge. We will advise you on your plans, provide information about the process and production and show you how to use the workshops and machines. We are also happy to help you with the creation of printable data, data for the laser cutter or similar.

Together with you, we will produce your prototype, your idea, your model. We will be happy to accompany you from the first stroke to the final touch. If you have any questions, please send an email to the workshop management.

We look forward to seeing you.





[Translate to English:] 3D Druck Raum an der Hochschule Hannover
[Translate to English:] Lasergravur/Lasercut an der Hochschule Hannover
[Translate to English:] Beispiel für einen 3D Druck

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