Student self-administration

All students at a university form the student body. This is represented by the General Student Committee, or AStA for short. Each student in a faculty elects a student society council, which represents the students in the various committees.

The Student Society Council sees itself as a neutral contact for the students and takes care of solving various problems with lecturers, lectures or examinations. The Student Society Council achieves this through motions in the Faculty Council or through discussions held with the parties.In addition to mediating activities, the Student Society supports its students with scripts and examinations for exam preparation.

Student Society // Department of
Design and Media (DM)

Expo Plaza 2, 30539 Hanover
E-Mail: fsr-dm(at)

Student society // Departement of Information and Communication (IK)

Expo Plaza 12
30539 Hanover

Room 2E.2.13 im 2.OG
Phone: +49 (0)511 9296 - 2418
EMail: fsr-ik(at)

In addition, the FSR is also very active on Facebook: