We are happy to print your course-related projects in our print shop.

Generally, we print 1-to-1 created PDFs. We do not produce private projects and do not print on the same day.

Within the opening hours we advise, outside the opening hours the projects are produced by us. Thank you for your understanding.

Please do not write PDFs from Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom or Affinity Photo. These are not printable.




Large format printing

The paper and ink consumption is calculated retrospectively via software. So we cannot make any statements about the price in advance. We produce at cost price. For the large prints we can not scale, so please put all prints in 100%.

Laser prints


We charge per print plus any binding. If you bring your own paper, the cost per print is reduced by 2 cents. Only with laser prints we can scale projects to save you money. Please put all prints in 100% in general.




Small format (Laserprinter)

ColorCopy (white | semi-matte)
Paper in the grammages 90g | 120g | 160g | 200g | 250g | 300g | 350g

Recycled paper (100% recovered paper | slightly grayish | matte)
Paper in the grammages 110g | 170g |  250g | 300g

Large format

Posterpaper (matte)            120g
Photo Satin (semi glossy)  190g
Premium (matte)                      75g

Small format


Laser printer (dry toner)

We charge per print. If you bring your own paper, the cost per print is reduced by 2 cents each.

The max. paper size is DIN A3+, which is 450 x 320 mm with a print area of 438 x 308 mm.

No printer can print borderless, even we have a surrounding printer margin of 6 mm. Exclusively with the laser printer we can scale projects (down), for example to be able to print an A4 created projects instead of A4+ with 94% proportional scaling on A4. This saves you costs. In general, however, please create all prints in 100% – we will clarify individually how we print.

File request
- Single page PDF
- PDF-X3 /-X4 with crop marks + 3 mm bleed
- ISO Coated v2

Large format


Large printer (water-based ink)

We print with water based ink on paper. These prints are suitable for indoor purpose only.

Software is used to calculate the paper and ink consumption afterwards. So we cannot make any statements about this in advance. We produce at cost price.

Maximum width
150 cm x approx. 15 m length (in one piece)

File request
- Single page PDF
- ISO Coated v2 300%
- PDF-X3 /-X4 > with applied outline, for easier trimming
   > with crop marks + 3 mm bleed e.g. for mounting on cardboard

Print on other materials


In sublimation printing, inks are pressed into the substrate at 195 °C. These inks cannot be washed out and are not raised. These cannot be washed out and are not raised. The basis is a polymer substrate such as polyester (fabric) of at least 60%. Sublimation we do only with appointment.

DIN A4  |  0.80 €
printable area 194 x 281 mm (minus printer margin)
4c (colored) or b/w (black/white)

DIN A3  |  1.60 €
printable area 404 x 281 mm (minus printer margin)
4c (colored) or b/w (black/white)

File requirement
100% created, open Photoshop files, 600 dpi

Production time
with appointment; students sublimate themselves under guidance

Foil transfer

In foil transfer, the printout is first provided with an adhesive layer and then applied to the printing stock (with or without screen). The advantage is the more flexible use with the substrate; the disadvantage of this process is less intensive color reproduction and the haptic feel of the print. This only has to withstand 160 °C.

DIN A4   |  1.95 €
printable area 198 x 285 mm (minus printer margin) 
4c (color) or b/w (black/white)

DIN A3  |  3.90 €
printable area 408 x 285 mm (minus printer margin) 
4c (color) or b/w (black/white)

File request
100% created files as .psd | .jpg | .tiff in CMYK mode, 300 dpi

Production time
with appointment; students transfer under guidance by themselves

Cutting – Embossing – Engraving



The Cricut is a plotter with interchangeable tools. Thus it can e.g. cut, deep emboss and engrave. The Cricut can cut adhesive foils in 30 cm width up to max. 3.6 meters length.

Adhesive (plotter) foil
30 cm (W) x max. 3.6 meter length.
Final weeding (removing excess foil) is done by each person.

File requirement
100% created, vectorized (everything, even texts turned into paths) file as .ai | .eps | .svg. Please create the areas without contours.

Production time
approx. 1 working day


Printing for courses

Print work resulting from a course

All that is required is a timely notice (about 2 weeks in advance) with a Checklist (see home page) of when, what, and how much from the instructor. A person responsible for the project (can also be a student) collects all print data, puts them in a folder and uploads it to our submission server by the agreed deadline. For easy assignment, the print data should be labeled with first and last name, e.g. "Michaela-Mustermann-Projekt-Unsterblich.pdf".

For accounting purposes we need either an internal cost center (given to us by the instructor) or an Excel spreadsheet if accounting is to be done per student. The latter you can download here as a sample

Download a sample spreadsheet here

This makes our work incredibly easier and ensures that we have more time for consultations ;)


If you have any questions, please contact us or just come by.