Design and Media (MDM)

Creating the world - inventing the future

Our world is changing at an increasing pace. Design and media are becoming more and more important in this dynamic. On the way from a form of society that is less and less determined by industrial production to one that is increasingly defined by the flow of information, the designers of these flows occupy economically and socially decisive positions.


Design creates the world, design creates the future. Designers are the driving force behind this dynamic and the central control authorities. Such reflective designers look beyond their own discipline and see themselves in a broad social horizon. This puts them in a position to occupy leading positions in culture, media and business. 

Course structure 

The course currently comprises two semesters of standard course duration. A semester abroad can be integrated into the Master's course. Students from other German and international design or art colleges and from compatible degree courses are also welcome. Graduates from six- or seven-semester courses have the possibility of being admitted on the basis of special qualifications.


Brief overview

  • Degree

    Master of Arts (MA)

  • Start of studies

    Winter semester

  • Form of study


  • Admissions procedure

    Selection procedure / aptitude test

  • Field of interest
  • Pre-study internship


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The course

"You can only determine your own position in your design discipline once you have looked beyond your cultural horizons."

Further Information

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"A dynamic future demands new perspectives and creative solutions."

[Translate to English:] Masterstudiengang Design und Medien an der Hochschule Hannover

The admission requirement for the Master's course in Design and Media is a completed eight-semester (in exceptional cases also seven-semester) Bachelor's programme with a final grade of "good" or better in a design or artistic field at a German or foreign university. This course can be started only in the winter semester. The application deadline is usually 30 April each year. You can apply online via the Student Administration of the Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The online portal and the application deadlines can be viewed online at:

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