Here is a short guide for writing a PDF.

Do you have any other questions about writing your print data? Just drop by the printshop.

Guide for writing a PDF

No crop marks are required for large-format prints that are not to be mounted or further processed. No bleed margin is required here either.

Instead of PDF-X3, PDF-X4 can be chosen as well.

"ISO coated v2" is the standard profile for printing in the printshop of the Hochschule Hannover.

If you have a high color application (you can measure it in indesign or in the PDF) you choose the profile "ISO coated v2 300%" because it flattens the color so that we don't have problems in the print-production.

If you didn't install the profiles "ISO coated v2" or "ISO coated v2 300%", you can choose "FOGRA 27" instead.


Here are instructions for how to create print data, as a PDF for download and as a step-by-step guide for home use.