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Druck Großformat

Drucken für Kurse

Of course, we can print data for entire classes.

Since this involves more prints, you must make an appointment so that we can a) plan our capacities and b) have enough materials on hand.

According to the number of people in the group, the number of prints and the time (in the submission period for bachelor’s and master’s projects, these must take priority), the class must give us 2 weeks’ notice.

Moreover, the data must be collected and submitted to the printshop by one or two people who will then act as our contacts for the project in question.

To make our job easier, the files to be printed must contain the following data: student’s first name, surname, matriculation number.

It should look like this…


If the printing costs are to be billed to the programme of study, we require that the name of the cost centre be provided in writing.

If the printing costs are to be paid by the students, please create an Excel list of the students’ names and matriculation numbers. Here is an example for you to download. This will save us a lot of work and give us more time to advise you. :)