Decentral Representative of Equal Opportunities

Welcome to the Equal Opportunities Office of Faculty III – Media, Information and Design. The Equal Opportunities Office offers space for all matters, questions and topics related to equality and equal opportunities. The information and counselling services are open to all students and faculty members.



Gender equality is a big issue at Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts // Faculty 3
Gender equality is a big issue at Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts // Faculty 3
Gender equality is a big issue at Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts // Faculty 3

Offers for students and faculty members

In addition to providing information and advice, we also organise events and projects and support students and members in finding a better balance between family and studies or work.




Decentral Representative of Equal Opportunities/ Co-ordination GenderNetz

Decentral Representative of Equal Opportunities

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Schöne Aussichten (beautiful prospects) with SWOOSH LIEU

After the kick-off event for "Schöne Aussichten" in December 2018, the follow-up event took place on 08.01.2019 with the participation of the feminist performance collective SWOOSH LIEU in cooperation with the Scenography-Costume-Experimental Design degree course. Under the title "Bühnentechnik als utopischer Wahrnehmungsraum und die Demokratie der Mittel (Stagecraft as Utopian Perceptual Space and the Democracy of Means)", SWOOSH LIEU presented their work using cinematic examples of productions. Together with the participating students, they discussed their contents, contexts and working methods with a focus on equal, hierarchy-free, grassroots democratic working methods.

Photos: Ulrike Schoeller-Hufschmidt

Further information

Schöne Aussichten (Beautiful prospects)

At the kick-off event "Schöne Aussichten" on 04.12.2018, students and lecturers of the faculty worked in a participatory workshop format of an Open Thinking/Working/Speaking Space. They discussed questions and aspects of equal opportunities and participation in the context of study, work and society: Do equal rights also mean equal opportunities? Where is society heading? And what do I have to do with it? The discussions held in different groups were recorded in words, drawings and figures and brought together in a concluding round.

The initial impulses developed from this on the need for action in studies, in the profession and in the social context (both on the structural level and from individual perspectives) will be fed into the further course of the “Schöne Aussichten” event series.

Photos: Lena Sikorski and Ulrike Schoeller-Hufschmidt

Queer Identities. Zine project on gender and queer perspectives

On 17.01.2017, the students of the "Queer Identities" elective course presented their Zines (themed booklets) designed in the winter semester 2016/2017 to the university public in the atrium of the Design Centre. The booklets address different perspectives on gender and queer in a combination of theoretical and creative approaches. The authors illuminate and interpret binary stereotypes of gender and raise questions about norm, normality and normativity.

A first small edition of the booklets will be available for purchase under the label "Existenz & Küsse". The project was accompanied by Prof. Dorothee Weinlich, Katharina Krämer and Elena Schönsee and supported with funds from the Equality Fund of the Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The results are given in the accompanying blog Queerdenken.

Photos: Corinna Guthknecht

Conference No Body – Some Body – Any Body

The Conference “No Body - Some Body - Any Body: Designed Gender Identities" took place on 22 and 23 October 2015 at the Design Centre of the Faculty of Media, Information and Design at the Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts in cooperation with the international Gender Design Network iGDN. The event brought together experts from the context of design and gender as well as interested parties in lectures, workshops and discussions. Accompanying the event, the exhibition "Blue + Pink: Rethink" of the iGDN was shown. For more information, visit

Photos: Christoph Enke and Patrick Junker