Save the date – 4th ETHO Meeting March 26th – 27th 2020

The 4th ETHO Meeting is going to be held at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. The anual meeting as a network for workshop technicians of arts and design universities will have the headline „Testing lab – let material be first“.

Meet, talk and get inspired within your workshop context
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For the meeting in Hannover wie still need speakers for the tracks we have designed.
The track titels are going to be:

„second place – Material“
why do students develop an idea without the involvement of material and its charakteristics?
could be material the starting point of each produkt?

„rethink needs“
do we need a material library or a material workshop?
experience material
material is not a constant - we can chance it
what is the difference between a library and a workshop?

„no need for space“
I don`t have any space in my workshops
how do I organise this space?
if I have it, do you have to have it, too?
sharing of resources.

„home sweet home“
how much living room does a workshop need, how much factory style is necessary?
what is my perfect workshop?
space follows needs

„you`re so pre millenium“
do we need the material that has been used since the 70th?
How do we reuse material from projects?
How do we „teach“ students to work
on a green level - especially within
tide budgets?

„own thoughts are welcome“
students come from a school
backround. To study means taking tasks in your own hands.
How can we help them in the workshops to think that way?
How can a workshop help with
„do it yourselfe“ themes, with out beeing to much of a service provider.

„first time hands on“
no practical experience
How necessary would be a internship bevor studies?
Are you more creative without education?

„I´m a technician! - am I?“
Am I a teacher or a technician?
What is consuming the majority of my time - machines or people?
Are there specially designed didactics workshops for technicians?

„what will be left “
what happens with my workshop after I retire or leave?
who will be there, stepping in for me?
what does this person need, to have
a great start?
what could be a motivation for older technicians to stay, or participate?

Please feel free to write us your suggestions or your contribution to one of these topics.
We will set up the registration toll soon. We let you know when and how.